5 Ways to prepare your tarmac drive for winter

You’ve probably spotted the gritter trucks out on the roads, preparing for winter as we brace ourselves for colder temps, snow and ice! You tarmac roads and driveways will change in this weather but there are things you can do to improve the surface.

1. Clean your tarmac driveway

Clear away debris, leaves and other rubbish – use hot soap with a bucket and brush, or even just a hose and a stiff broom. This will help remove all the loose dirt which makes the surface more slippery and poor grip.
If you have a power cleaner, that will remove the heavier, more attached dirt.

As we attend your driveway should you have any cracks and damage we’ll do our best to highlight these for you, as your next step should be attending to those areas.

2. Make surface repairs

Fill pot holes, cracks and kill off any plant growth coming out of them. If water can find its way into the surface it can freeze and your surface will get worse. Cracks can be sealed and will provide preventative maintenance for older drives and roads, extending their use.

If your tarmac surface is too damaged, you may need to repair a larger area. Contact Steven to get an idea of costs or get suggestions on how to repair the damage.

3. Improve drainage

Great drainage on a drive means that any rain is allowed to flow away and not pool on the surface. This will reduce the risk of ice patches and make the drive or road safer.

If you have any further questions be sure to give us a call. We are happy to pop out and see you if needed and can advise on whether drainage is a problem and what solutions can be offered.

4. Shovel

Use a snow shovel to remove as much loose snow as you can. The sooner you do this the less chance there will be of the snow getting compressed and hard by footfall or travelling cars. Paths and roads become particularly treacherous after the compacted snow turns glassy. Clearing all the snow you can will make your grit more effective – taking less to achieve more.

5. De-ice

The buildup of water or snow can lead to treacherous conditions. To help prevent ice building try:

  • Rock Salt – melts ice and improves grip.
  • Sand – this will improve the traction but without affecting the ice.